MIX1006B Combustible Gas Sensor(LPG)

  • Target Gas: LPG
  • Range :300-10000ppm(CH4,C3H8)
  • Application: Domestic gas leakage alarm, portable gas detectors

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Principle Introduction:

The sensing material of MIX1006B is tin dioxide SnO2, which has low conductivity in clean air. When the combustible/LPG gas exists, the conductivity of the sensor will be raise according to the gas concentration goes up. Through a simple circuit, to convert the changes of conductivity to correspond to the gas concentration.

MIX1006B Combustible(LPG) Gas Sensor has high sensitivity to LPG (propane) gas. The sensor can work in high temperature. It is low cost sensor and can be used in different applications.


* High sensitivity to wide range of combustible gas

* High sensitivity to methane

* Long life and low cost

* High ant seismic


* Domestic gas leakage detectors

* Portable gas detectors

Technical parameters :

Item Specification
Target Gas LPG
Measurement Range 300~10000ppm(CH4, C3H8)
Heater Voltage(VH) 5.0V±0.1V AC or DC
Load Resistance(RL) Adjustable
Loop Voltage ≤24V DC
Heater Resistance(RH) 29Ω±3Ω(Room temperature)
Heater Power Consumption(PH) ≤950mW
Sensitivity Rs(in air)/Rs(2000ppm C3H8)≥ 5
Output In Target Gas 2.5~4.0V(in 2000ppm C3H8)
Testing Condition 20℃±2℃;55%±5%RH
Oxygen concentration in used place 21%, no less than 18%
If used in low oxygen concentration, pleasure contact for detail
Life Expectancy 10 years

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