MIX5005 Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor

  • Target Gas: Combustible Gas
  • Range :
  • Application: Industrial usage combustible gas leakage detectors,domestic usage gas leakage alarm

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Principle Introduction:

MIX5005 Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor operate on the catalytic combustion principle, and its two arms of electric bridge consists of a test element and a compensate element. The resistance of the test element will be rised when meeting the combustible gas, in the same time, the output voltage of the bridge changed, the voltage variable is rised in direct proportion as the gas concentration, the compensate element as a reference, and compensate of temperature and humidity.


*Good linearity
* Fast response and recovery
* Good stability and sensitivity
* Strong anti-interference ability
* Low power consumption


* Industrial usage combustible gas leakage detectors

* Domestic usage gas leakage alarm

Technical parameters :

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