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Wide Application of Mixsen 8010 CO Sensor In Smart Gas Water Heater

2020-12-23 09:17

Gas water heater is becoming more and more important for our common life. When the customer purchase the water heater, they pay more attention to its safety at first. Developing with the society, the customers would like to select the high quality water heater. In our common life, the water heater is used frequently. Before we purchase the water heater, we need to pay more attention to the safe electricity, water quality safety and gas safety. There are many kinds of types of water heater in the market, which makes our customers confused of its models. Meantime, false operation process will cause the CO gas leakage and other safety issues.

When we use the fuel appliances, safety first. Many CO poisoning and natural gas explosion accidents are caused by small details. To suit the requirements of market and protect the customers’ life, many manufacturers are updating and upgrading their heating products, which will be built-in CO sensor and gas sensor. The upgraded product can detect the gas situation internal and external water heater for 24 hours. Once detect the CO leakage, the CO sensor will make the sound and light alarming and send the details to the mobile phone. Therefore, we can detect the home safety in real time via our mobile phone and deal with the issues in time, no matter where we are. If we not deal with the issues right now after the warning, the sensor will close the water and gas valves and turn on the exhaust fan and remove the CO from room automatically. In addition to this function, safety self-detection function can help find the security risks.

As the professional supplier of gas sensor and solution program, Mixsen electronics develops and researches a series of gas sensors independently. MIX8010 CO sensor is recognized by the whole market, which features high sensitivity and selectivity, high precision and linear output, long serving life, environmental structure design, special anti-leakage structure and excellent performance.