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Ozone Sensor Applied for the Ozone Disinfection Equipment in the Hospital

2020-12-31 10:16

The hospital is a very complex place, including the patients, doctors, or other visitors. Because of so many patients with kinds of illness or low immunity, these patients maybe bring the infectious bacteria and virus to the public areas. In order to the safety and health of patients, visitors and doctors, the Ozone disinfection equipment with Ozone sensor will be used to disinfect in the hospital.

O3 Sensor

The disinfection supplying department is playing the important role in the whole hospital, which can provide the disinfection for the equipment, dressing and disposable items. The air disinfection quality controlled by disinfection room is closely related to the infection conditions in the hospital. Disinfection room is an important part of whole hospital. We should pay attention to its quality and management.

Developing with the medical technology, the related medical equipment is updated continuously. Especially, the Ozone disinfection machine is popular among the disinfection machines. The Ozone disinfection can be divided into four fields: water proceeding, chemical oxidation and food production and medical market. Ozone features the strong oxidation, which can generate the reaction, so as to reach the disinfection. When the ozone generated, the third oxygen atom will dissociate or leak from ozone molecular structure, and react the oxidation, such as the sterilization, detoxication, whitening and deodorant and so on. If the ozone not react oxidation with other substances, it can decompose the pure Oxygen automatically. Through this characteristics, the Ozone generating device in air disinfection machine can generate the ozone with the pure oxygen through the high voltage electrolysis. Therefore, the ozone can be regarded as the strong fungicide to damage the molecular cell wall, inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms.

What is the key factors in Ozone disinfection? It is to control the Ozone concentration in the Ozone air disinfection equipment. If the Ozone concentration lower than the standard, it can not have the disinfection and sterilization function, or higher ozone concentration will be remained.

Therefore, the Ozone sensor can applied for the real-time detection for ozone concentration, to guarantee the effectiveness of disinfection and sterilization. Also can be used to detect the remaining of ozone to keep the body health.

MIX8412 electrochemical ozone sensor characters high sensitivity, selectivity, precision and linear output, which can detect the ozone concentration in the industrial, commercial, environment protection and other fields.