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How to Distinguish CO gas sensor and Gas Sensor Alarming

2021-02-22 09:59

People often think that CO alarming device is fuel gas alarming device. In fact, there is a big difference between them. Strictly, the CO gas alarm is a toxic gas alarm, which adopts an electrochemical sensor (such as MIX8010 carbon monoxide sensor) , And the combustible gas alarm is a semiconductor gas sensor (MIX1004 gas sensor) or a catalytic gas sensor. If the fuel gas alarming device is installed in a place

where a CO alarm is required, or a CO alarm is installed in a place where a gas alarm is required, which will result in the false gas recognition, and the alarm will not be alarmed, which will affect people’s lives and properties.

The CO sensor built in CO alarming device is used for detecting the CO, which can not be used to detect the CH4. The gas alarming device usually applied to detect the natural gas, LPG or coal gas, which composed of the main gases in the city pipetube gases. The main composition of gases is CH4 and other Alkanes gases, whose main features is pungent.

When the concentration of combustible gas exceed some standard, it will result in the explosion.

The gas alarming mainly applied to detect the explosive alkanes gas, which can not be used to detect the CO gas. The coal gas in city pipetube is a special gas, which composed of CO and alkanes gas. To heat with coal oven, to equip with the gas alarming device in the place of coal burning make no any senses. If the person in poisoning, the gas alarming will not sound. It will be very dangerous. Therefore, to detect the leakage of pipetube coal gas, the CO alarming device and gas alarming can be used to detect. If detect excessive CO gas when natural gas in the pipetube, LPG or coal gas burning, the CO alarming detector can be useful. To detect if produce the excessive CO when pipetube natural gas, LPG or coal gas burning, the CO alarming device will be workable.

In addition, the buring coal will produce CO, not CH4 and other alkanes gas when heating with coal oven. So the CO alarming device can be available not the gas alarming. In a word, if detect the poisoning gas, to select the CO alarming, if detect the explosive gas and detect the gas leakage, the gas sensor will be workable.

Therefore, when we select the gas alarming, we must clarify the detected gas. MIXSEN electronics is the professional gas sensor and solution program provider, which own the independent R&D ability of gas sensor, such as CO sensor, combustible gas sensor, air quality sensor or industrial poisoning gas sensor.