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Application of carbon monoxide sensor in air environment monitoring of underground garage

2021-05-06 14:02

In view of the underground garage of carbon monoxide and its harm, some of the underground garage in domestic air environmental monitoring system, by installing CO sensor, can multipoint real-time check-out car density of carbon monoxide in the different areas of the rolls, but also will monitor to the carbon monoxide density, uploaded to the center through the network platform.

The purpose of the underground garage carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring system

At present, there are two main purposes for installing carbon monoxide detection system in underground garage:


1, regular exhaust to ensure that the concentration of carbon monoxide in the garage is lower than the hazard level, is a safety consideration.


2. It is an energy saving consideration to exhaust the carbon monoxide concentration in the parking depot in the base area to avoid the energy waste caused by the high exhaust frequency.

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