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Methane/CH4 gas sensor in coal mine safety monitoring system for coal mine

2021-04-30 15:26 Methane sensor in coal mine safety monitoring system for coal mine, the mining working face and goaf, return air roadway, the place such as mechanical and electronic chamber, continuous monitoring of methane concentration when the concentration of methane overrun, can automatically send out sound and light alarm, but it is important to note that the gas sensor, especially catalytic combustion type gas sensor, has certain validity.

Methane / CH4 gas  sensor or module needs to be calibrated and maintained regularly and reasonably.Methane sensors commonly used in coal mines are semiconductor, catalytic combustion, infrared, electrochemical, and semiconductor gas sensors in view of its high cost performance, high sensitivity, high response speed and other advantages, still occupy a large part of the industrial and civil methane detection and alarm system market.
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