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Do you know what is the monitoring index of air quality sensor?

2021-05-06 14:23

Air quality is one of the important standards to measure whether a city is livable. However, there are many factors that affect air quality, such as household waste incineration, industrial production emissions, vehicle exhaust emissions and so on. So what are the monitoring indicators of indoor and outdoor air quality?

A. Indoor air quality monitoring indicators

1. Formaldehyde and TVOC

In indoor air pollutants, in addition to formaldehyde has a name, benzene series, TVOC and so on can not be ignored.

2. Indoor PM value

The degree to which indoor PM is affected by outdoor PM depends on two factors, one is air circulation rate and the other is particulate matter clearance rate.

B. Outdoor air quality monitoring indicators

Outdoor air quality monitoring should be accurately called environmental air quality monitoring or atmospheric monitoring. The main pollutants are PM2.5, PM10, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone. This is known as the Air Quality Index (AQI).

The monitoring data of air quality monitoring station is accurate, but the construction cost is relatively expensive and the monitoring range is limited, so the small station of environmental air quality or the direct application of air quality sensor is more commonly used at present. These instruments usually adopt the sensor principle of non-national standard method and are relatively cheap. They can monitor a variety of air quality factors at the same time, and also have the advantages of wide application scenarios and convenient installation.

Air quality sensors have different detection models for different environments. Therefore, when choosing air quality sensors, we need to choose the type of sensors we need according to different environments.

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