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  • MIX8010 Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor/CO Sensor
  • MIX1004 Combustible Gas Sensor(CH4)
  • MIX6070 Laser Dust Sensor/PM2.5 Sensor
  • MIX2111 Air-quality Sensor Module/TVOC Sensor
  • MIX8018 Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Sensor/CO Sensor
  • MIX2810A Carbon Monoxide(CO) Gas Sensor Module
  • MIX8412 Electrochemical Ozone Gas Sensor/O3 Sensor
  • MIX8410 Electrochemical Oxygen Gas Sensor/O2 Sensor
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Mixsen specialized in the design, manufacture and service of gas sensor, modules and OEM products for different applications. The technical form Chinese academy of sciences. Relying on the core technology of gas sensor with independent intellectual property rights, we provide more than 50 kinds of highly competitive products for customers.


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