MIX8070 Electrochemical Ozone(O3) Gas Sensor

  • Target Gas: O3/Ozone
  • Range :0 ~ 10 ppm
  • Application: Industrial monitors, Leakage detection for sterilization equipment

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Principle Introduction:

MIX8070  Ozone(O3) Gas Sensor  is a very unique electrochemical ozone(O3) sensor developed by Mixsen. MIX8070 ozone sensor is a fuel cell type sensor. Ozone undergoes a reduction reaction at the working electrode and generates a current. The level of ozone concentration can be determined by detecting the changes of the current.


High selectivity & sensitivity to O3

High accuracy

Linear output

Environmental protection design


Industrial monitors

Leakage detection for sterilization equipmen

HAVC system

O3 monitoring in distribution cabinets

Technical parameters :

Item Specification
Target Gas Ozone
Measurement Range 0 ~ 10 ppm
Maximum Overload 20 ppm
Sensitivity >30nA/ppm
Repeatability <5% output
Stability <10%
Drift in air(-20℃-40℃) ≤0.5ppm
Resolution 0.2 ppm
Response Time(T90) < 120 seconds
Long Term Output Drift < 2% /month
Life Expectancy(in air) 7 years
Operating Temp. & Hum. -20 ~ 50˚C / 15 ~ 90% RH
Operating Press 0.1MPa±10%
Bias Voltage Not required

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