MIX8410 Electrochemical Oxygen(O2) Gas Sensor

  • Target Gas: Oxygen/O2
  • Range :0-25%
  • Application: Industrial monitors, HAVC oxygen monitoring, oxygen analysis meter, oxygen generator

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Principle Introduction:

MIX8410  Oxygen(O2) Gas Sensor is an electrochemical oxygen sensor developed by Mixsen. Under the catalysis of the electrode, a redox reaction occurs on the working electrode and the counter electrode, thereby generating a current. Through measure the current to get the concentration of oxygen.


* High selectivity
* High accuracy
* Linear output
* Environmental protection design


* HAVC oxygen monitoring
* Oxygen analysis meter
* Oxygen portable monitor, oxygen detector
* Oxygen monitoring in coal mine, steel plant and petrochemical industry
* Oxygen monitoring of oxygen generator
* Oxygen monitoring of fresh air system

Technical parameters :

Item Specification
Target Gas Oxygen
Measurement Range 0 ~ 25%
Maximum Overload 30%
Sensitivity 0.05 ~ 0.1 mA
Repeatability ±2%
Response Time(T90) < 10 Seconds
Recommend Resistor 100Ω
Long Term drift <5% per year
Life Expectancy(in air) 2 Years
Operating Temperature Range -20 ~ 50˚C
Storage Temperature Range 0 ~ 25˚C
Operating Humidity Range 15% ~ 95% RH, no-condensing

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