Industrial Toxic Gas Sensor Application in Chemicals

Industrial Toxic Gas Sensor Application in Chemicals

The industry includes many kinds of industries such as petrochemical industry, sewage treatment, mine, metallurgy, etc. Due to the large number of categories, complex processes, and diverse products, the pollutants discharged in production with various types, large quantities, and high toxicity. Therefore, industrial chemical, sewage treatment and other industries is the main source of air pollution. 

At the same time, chemical products may generate a large amount of toxic and harmful gases during the process of proceeding, storage, use and waste disposal. The common toxic gases including hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen hydride, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, methane, hydrogen, etc. 

Toxic gas will cause certain damage to the human body, and when the combustible gas is mixed with air in a certain proportion, it will cause combustion or even explosion in case of open fire. The toxic gases emitted by the industrial industry not only affect the ecological environment, but also easily cause fires, explosions and other accidents, even seriously endangering human life and property safety.


In order to ensure the safety of the people, it is necessary to equip various sensors such as combustible gas sensor and toxic gas detection alarming in industrial workplaces.

To detect the environmental parameters generated in chemical plants and sewage treatment plants in real time.

Industrial Toxic Gas Sensor:

Gas Type Common Detection Range  
MIX8411-CO  0~1000ppm
 MIX8412-O3  0~10ppm
 MIX8415-NH3  0~100ppm
 MIX8416-H2S  0~100ppm
 MIX8417-H2  0~1000ppm
 MIX8421-SO2  0~20ppm

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