Underground Integrated Pipe Gallery Sensor Application

Underground Integrated Pipe Gallery Application

Underground Integrated Pipe Gallery Application:

The underground integrated pipe gallery is a tunnel space is built under the ground in city, which integrates various engineering pipelines such as electricity, communication, combustible gas, heating, water supply and drainage, etc. It implements unified planning, unified design, unified construction and management, and is an important infrastructure to ensure the operation of the city.


Due to the poor ventilation and the closed state, the oxygen content in the underground integrated pipe gallery is thinner than that in the atmosphere, and the staff are easily threatened by lack of oxygen; Except for that, the pipeline installation needs to be welded and painted with anti-rust paint, which is easy to cause the combustion of materials and power cables; Long-term fermentation of urban sewage in underground pipe gallery sumps may produce a certain amount of hydrogen sulfide, methane and carbon monoxide, which may also cause potential safety hazards over time;


In a summary on the above points, before inspection and maintenance, the underground pipe gallery should be equipped with oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, carbon monoxide and methane detectors to prevent danger. The underground pipe gallery is equipped with corresponding gas sensors and gas alarms, and the monitoring signals are drawn from the feeding port to the ground through communication, and transmitted to the monitoring center through wireless communication (GPRS), and the data is analyzed through the supporting integrated management software. The software continuously collects the geographic location, measured value or working status of each measuring point. If there is an abnormality, the system will automatically generate an alarm (sound and light alarm, SMS alarm, and email alarm are optional), and notify the relevant personnel as soon as possible. , to eliminate possible dangers in the bud, to avoid causing large economic losses and affecting the normal operation of the pipe gallery.

Industrial Toxic Gas Sensor:

Gas Type Common Detection Range  
MIX8411-CO  0~1000ppm
 MIX8412-O3  0~10ppm
 MIX8415-NH3  0~100ppm
 MIX8416-H2S  0~100ppm
 MIX8417-H2  0~1000ppm
 MIX8421-SO2  0~20ppm

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