MIX2810A Carbon Monoxide(CO) Gas Sensor Module

  • Target Gas: CO/Carbon Monoxide
  • Range :0~500ppm
  • Application: Indoor CO detection、Gas water Heater

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Principle Introduction:

MIX2810A Carbon Monoxide(CO) Sensor Module is a generality electrochemical carbon monoxide(CO) gas detection sensor module. It utilizes electrochemical principle to detect CO in air which makes the module with high selectivity and stability. Each module has UART, can be calibrated. It is easy to connect with the customer product.


Lower power consumption

High sensitivity

Multiple interfaces

Long life


Indoor CO gas detection

Smart home

Gas water Heater

Automatic fans

Technical parameters :

Item Specification
Measurement range 0~500ppm
Resolution 1 ppm
Working Principle Electrochemistry
Working Voltage 4.5~5.5V DC
Working Current <10mA
Average Accuracy ±50ppm(Calibration value)
Preheating Time 30 Seconds
Response Time T90<30s
Function Judgement
Inspection Interval
180 Seconds
Working Conditions -10~55℃/0-90%RH(no condensation)
Storage Conditions -10~55℃/0~90%RH(no condensation)
Communication Interface UART(3.3V electrical level)
Size 40×17×15.5mm(L×W×H)
Anticipated Using Life 3 years

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