MIX2004 Combustible Gas Sensor

  • Target Gas: Methane, LNG
  • Range :300~10000ppm(CH4)
  • Application: Domestic gas leakage detectors

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Principle Introduction:

MIX2004 Combustible Gas Sensor advanced planar construction is comprised of heater and metal oxide semiconductor material of subminiature Al2O3 ceramic plate, fetch out electrode down-lead, encapsulation in metal base and cap. When there is methane. The sensor’s conductivity will become higher along with the gas concentration rising. With simple electro circuit, convert change of conductivity to correspond output signal of gas concentration.


High sensitivity to methane
Low power consumption
Long life and low cost
Fast response and recovery


Domestic gas leakage detectors
Portable gas detectors

Technical parameters :

Item Specification
Target Gas Methane, LNG
Detecting Range 300~10000ppm(CH4)
Heater Voltage(VH) 5V±0.1V AC or DC
Loop Voltage ≤24V DC
Heater Resistor(RH) 56Ω±15Ω(Room Temp.)
Power consumption(PH) 280mW±25mW
Sensitivity Rs(in air)/Rs(5000ppm CH4)≥ 5
Output Voltage(Vs) 2.5V ~4V(In 5000ppm CH4)
Concentration Slope ≤0.6 (R5000ppm/R1000ppm CH4)
Testing condition 20±2℃, 55%±5%RH
Oxygen concentration in used place 21%, no less than 18%
If used in low oxygen concentration, pleasure contact for detail
Life Expectancy 10 years

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