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Working Principle of CO Sensor and Common Maintenance of CO Alarming Device

2020-12-24 13:05

CO sensor is widely used in the mine industry, auto industry and domestic appliance, which need to detect the air quality. CO sensor can detect CO concentration in 24 hours continuously, and send the real-time information to the monitoring platform to monitor the gas change anywhere.

CO alarming device, which adopt the high sensitivity MIX8010 CO sensor, can adjust to the environment change and regulate the ageing curve of CO sensor. CO alarming device characters high sensitivity and strong anti-interference.

Through the gas hole on the outer covering, the CO gas will diffuse on the surface of electrode. Under the catalysis of electrode, the CO gas will happen the redox on the working electrode.

Through the redox, the ion H+ and electron produced on the working electrode will produce the deoxidation with the oxygen in the water, which will be transferred to the counter electrode keeping a certain distance from the working electrode through the electrolyte. Therefore, there will happen the reversible redox reaction inside the sensor. This redox reaction is occurring all the time between the working electrode and counter electrode and produce the potential difference among the electrode. Because the redox reaction between two electrodes will make the electrode polarization and make it difficult to maintain the constant electrode potential, to limit the detection range of CO concentration.

When the gas sensor produce the electrical current, its current will be proportional to the gas concentration. To detect the output current of sensor with external circuit through the electrode leading wire, then detect the CO concentration and keep a wide linear detection range. Therefore, the external signal acquisition circuit on the gas sensor and corresponding conversion and output circuit can detect and monitor the CO gas in real time.

As the precise industrial electronic device, during the working process, Co gas alarming device is easy to be affected by the outer environment, and result in the inaccurate detection data and shorten the service life of CO sensor.

In our common use, we should maintain the alarming device and keep the high sensitivity. During the maintenance, some aspects need to be noticed below:

1.Assembling. To keep away from the ashing places when assembling the CO alarming device.

2.Removing the dust. After the long use of CO alarming device, there a large amount of ash on its surface, which will affect its detection sensitivity. We should remove the dust in the regular time and keep its clean and tidy.

3.Moisture-proof. The moist environment will influence the sensitivity of CO sensor, and even worse result to the detection malfunction. We should check if there the water fall inside the device and make the drying treatment.

4.Clean. When cleaning the CO gas alarming device, to avoid cleaning the device with detergent or the solvents in case of damaging the inner element of CO sensor, and causing the chemical reaction of sensor materials.

5.Checking. The maintenance personnel should check if CO sensor is in a normal working condition to avoid the occurrence of alarming malfunction.