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Carbon monoxide gas sensor detection principle

2021-05-27 14:53
In life, the volume fraction of carbon monoxide in the air may exceed the allowable standard due to traffic jams, smoking in closed rooms, and even incomplete combustion of natural gas, methane gas and other indoor and fire sites. Therefore, the effective detection and alarm of carbon monoxide in living and working environment is an important issue related to human ecology and working environment.
At present, the chemical carbon monoxide gas sensor is widely used in the field of air quality and safety detection, such as mine, home, automobile, etc.
Carbon monoxide sensor gas detection principle
The detection principle of carbon monoxide gas sensor is based on potential electrolysis. It is often used with the alarm and is also the core detection element of the alarm. With the continuous investment of researchers in the research of carbon monoxide sensor technology, there will be more and more intelligent carbon monoxide sensor solutions in our life in the future! 
This carbon monoxide gas sensor is widely used in commercial and civil fields of carbon monoxide detection; Portable carbon monoxide detection instrument; Fixed carbon monoxide detector.
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