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Multi-type sensors help build a smart city with underground comprehensive pipe gallery

2021-07-14 16:26 Underground comprehensive pipe gallery, as the name implies, refers to the public tunnel in the city underground for the centralized laying of electric power, communication, radio and television, water supply, drainage, heat, gas and other municipal pipelines. With the underground comprehensive pipe gallery, urban construction and municipal facilities management can make full use of ground land resources, save underground space, reduce road excavation, and facilitate pipeline maintenance and daily management. Because the construction of the pipe gallery is located underground, the internal environment is uncertain and there are many safety factors under the condition of poor ventilation effect or long-term semi-closed state. In order to fully guarantee the environmental safety of the pipe gallery, it is very important to adopt modern sensing technology to carry out real-time monitoring of the state of the pipe gallery and find out the potential safety risks.

On the one hand, the application of sensors can ensure the safety of construction personnel during construction; In addition, the environmental status information of pipe gallery can be monitored at any time during the operation to facilitate maintenance and overhaul, and to ensure the safety of inspection personnel and maintenance personnel.
Due to the long pipe gallery, the appropriate distance is generally selected to install the corresponding sensors at multiple points to carry out real-time monitoring data. For example, the installation of temperature and humidity sensors and oxygen sensors can monitor the temperature and humidity and oxygen content in the pipe gallery in real time, to ensure the safety of workers' working environment. It is used to monitor hydrogen sulfideH2S, carbon monoxide(CO), oxygen(O2), methane(CH4), ethane and other gases. Once abnormal data are found, emergency personnel can obtain information in time. Underground comprehensive pipe gallery is of great significance to the improvement of urban science and urban comprehensive carrying capacity. With the construction of underground comprehensive pipe gallery in more cities, to ensure the safe construction and operation of pipe gallery, all kinds of sensor requirements will be essential.
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