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Detection of harmful and toxic gases common in the industrial field

2021-07-24 17:43 1, ammonia: NH3 common existence range: chemical plants, meat processing plants, refrigeration industry, semiconductor industry, water and wastewater treatment plants, military use, etc
2, n-butane: C4H10 common range: wharf smoke propellant, chemical raw materials, oil storage tanks
3, benzene: C6H6 common range: storage of chemical raw materials, leather manufacturing, gas station, refining plant, gas station
4, carbon dioxide: CO2 common range: brewery, carbonated beverage filling plant, dry ice production plant, fruit storage and processing, environmental gas, indoor air research and flow control
5, carbon monoxide: CO highly toxic gas common range: artificial gas works, steel works, furnaces, gasoline generators and engines, granaries, wood retorting, mining plant, parking plant.
6, chlorine gas: Cl2 highly toxic gas. Common areas of presence: mining and metal smelting plants, nuclear reactors, pulp plants, PVC plastic manufacturing plants, semiconductor erosion manufacturing plants, swimming pool purification and water treatment plants, chlorine gas production plants
7, hydrogen: H2 common range: battery replacement station, semiconductor production plant, vegetable oil hydrogenation plant
8. Hydrogen sulfide: H2S Toxic gas common range: mining and metal processing industry, leather manufacturing and paper industry, oil and refinery, sewage treatment and sewer maintenance
9, methane: CH4 common range: oil and gas refining, separation, mining
10. Nitric oxide: NO Colorless toxic gas common range: semiconductor production plants, mines
11. Nitrogen dioxide: NO2 Reddish brown gas with pungent smell common range: furnace and boiler places, diesel engine exhaust, semiconductor production plants, mines
12. sulfur dioxide:SO2 Common range  diesel engine exhaust, pulp making workshop, sulfur processing plant, water treatment process
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