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Advantages of electrochemical carbon monoxide sensors for home fire prevention

2021-07-24 17:48 At the beginning of the fire, due to incomplete combustion, there will be a large amount of carbon monoxide in the building at the scene of the fire, which directly threatens the life safety of the personnel in the building and the firefighters who will enter the scene of the fire rescue.
But when fire signal issued until after firefighters rushed to the scene of the fire, in addition to carbon monoxide gas concentration alarm room, also need to know about other locations (e.g., passage, corridors, etc.) of gas concentration is how old, firefighters can directly into the building, and haven't had time to evacuate personnel rescue, relief how long must be evacuated, Otherwise, the levels of carbon monoxide could endanger the lives of rescuers. Therefore, it is imperative to design a carbon monoxide sensor with wide measurement range, high precision and fast response speed.

Electrochemical carbon monoxide gas sensor main characteristic: current and carbon monoxide concentration is directly proportional, the output signal and gas concentration is a good linear relationship, so the signal processing and display is very convenient. Another feature is that, because the reaction is at room temperature, no heater is needed, so the voltage between the electrodes can be used by dry batteries, no mains electricity is needed, and portable carbon monoxide alarm is convenient. Of course, from the detection principle can be clearly seen that the electrochemical sensor gas selectivity is very high, can greatly reduce the influence of interfering gas.
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