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How to use dust sensors to solve the problem of urban dust pollution

2021-07-28 17:21 Dust pollution means that particles on the ground are blown up by air movement (wind), floating in the air and moving with the wind, resulting in an increase in the particles in the air, resulting in air pollution. Urban dust refers to solid particles suspended in the air. Dust pollution is a headache. If people want to have a good living environment, they must understand urban pollutants. What are the solutions for urban dust pollution control?
In recent years, with the increasing degree of urbanization, rapid and orderly economic development, and the gradual advancement of various production and construction projects, it has had a greater impact on the atmospheric environment. Among them, dust pollution is the most serious. The main sources are:
* Building dust caused by extensive construction
* City road dust
* Exposed flour dust with a large area and a large stock
* Stacked dust flying in the wind
* Dynamic dust generated during demolition, blasting, and crushing
* Natural dust caused by adverse weather conditions
In order to improve this situation and strengthen the weak links of dust pollution control, the main measures of the current situation of urban dust control are water spraying and dense mesh coverage. But both have shortcomings. In order to accurately monitor and understand the concentration of dust in the air to solve its environmental problems, it is recommended to use professional monitoring equipment, PM2.5 dust sensor.
MIX6070 Laser Dust Sensor is used to measure the dust particle (Size: 0.3μm~10μm) in the environment and output the dust density real-time value (μg/m³) of PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10. The body of the sensor is designed with ultra-thin (12mm) structure for easy and diverse installation, full metal cover for electrical shielding and built-in advanced algorithm based on optical scattering technology with light source of Laser for accurate and steady output.
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