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Application of CO sensor in fire alarm

2021-08-26 16:39 ❗ ❗ ❗ As we all know, when a fire occurs, gas combustion products are mainly CO, CO2, and H2O, which produce much earlier than combustion smoke. CO is a unique sign of very early fires. In general, the content of CO in the air is extremely low, even if In environments such as kitchens with high CO content, the CO content is also below 20 ppm. CO experiences a regular change process from scratch, from small to large, and then gradually decreases. Moreover, CO is less dense than air, and it is easier to float to the ceiling fire detectors to achieve early warning. Therefore, CO is suitable for early detection of fire. This is very important for the layout of fire detectors and the capture of fire occurrence information at an earlier time.
British researchers conducted a limited area (closed closet fire, waste paper basket fire) combustion test, 25 minutes before any smoke detector responds, the CO concentration generated by the fire reaches 50ppm, and the CO sensor can respond.
In the past, due to the lack of understanding and the shortcomings of early CO sensor detection sensitivity, high power consumption, high cost and other shortcomings, its application has been limited. improve.
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