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The built-in dust sensor of the air conditioner keeps you away from indoor dust hazards

2021-09-02 11:08
Air conditioning is a sign of the improvement of people’s proficiency level. In the hot summer, the air conditioner adjusts the temperature to a comfortable room suitable for people to work, study, and talk. The mood is good, the rest is good, and the work efficiency is high. The built-in dust sensor of the air conditioner is How to improve the satisfaction of environmental protection needs?
Everyone knows that there are many sensors in air conditioners, the most important of which are temperature sensors and humidity sensors. They play a vital role in air conditioning. Now that the dust in the urban environment is increasing day by day, many air-conditioning manufacturers have tried to add dust sensors to air conditioners. Adding dust sensors to air conditioners has become a new trend.
The dust sensor is also called the PM2.5 sensor, which can be used to detect the mass concentration of dust in the air around us μg/m3, which is the value of PM2.5.
Benefits of built-in dust sensor in air conditioner
Everything is divided into two, and the air conditioner also has its downside. While blowing out the cold wind, the air conditioner also gathers bacteria, dust and other microorganisms in the air on the fins of the indoor unit. Over time, it will produce germs, mites and other parasites. , Spreading in the air by blowing air will pollute the air and people often get sick because of this. Therefore, the built-in dust sensor in the air conditioner can monitor PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 particles at the same time, and the air conditioner is equipped with a dust sensor. The indoor air can be updated according to the dust data monitored in real time, and the dust concentration in the indoor environment can be controlled within a reasonable range to avoid the harm to human health due to excessive dust concentration. In addition, the air intake of the fan can be controlled based on the monitoring data of the dust concentration to meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.
Adding dust sensors to air conditioners to help consumers stay away from dust pollution will become a new technology trend in the future and also a new development direction for air conditioners. How to choose the built-in dust sensors in air conditioners, Mixsen recommends MIX6070 and MIX6071, laser dust sensors
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