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Application of Carbon Dioxide Sensor in Agricultural Meteorological Monitoring Station

2021-09-06 14:54
We all know that carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas. At present, cities are the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions, accounting for more than 70% of the world's total emissions. In recent years, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is still rising rapidly.
Therefore, in view of this situation, many cities have established meteorological monitoring stations. The meteorological monitoring system is an important part of the modern meteorological service system, which is an important foundation for improving public meteorological service capabilities and improving the accuracy of weather forecasts.

The basic principle of a weather station is that internal sensor components convert changes in meteorological elements into corresponding changes in electrical signals. There are many types of sensors used in weather stations, such as carbon dioxide sensors, oxygen sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, and wind speed sensors. These sensors can accurately detect what needs to be measured, and finally output in the form of a visual signal.

In addition, small weather stations can also be established in the agricultural field. The agricultural weather station is composed of three parts: weather sensor, weather data collector and weather software. The agrometeorological system adopts a modular design, which can flexibly increase or decrease the corresponding modules and sensors according to user needs (measured meteorological elements), which can meet the needs of various users conveniently and quickly. Mixsen recommends carbon dioxide sensors, oxygen sensors, etc., which are suitable for use in weather stations.
The infrared carbon dioxide sensor (NDIR CO2 sensor) MIX6013 is a high-performance CO2 sensor with low power consumption (3.5mW), and is an ideal choice for battery-powered products and portable devices. CO2 sensors are equipped with UART, PWM and other output interfaces, which can be calibrated separately.Can be very convenient and users for product docking.Can be widely used in HVAC ventilation risk control system, indoor air quality testing, etc.
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