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The new PM2.5 sensor will become the new favorite of air purifiers

2021-09-08 16:51
The development of China's air purification industry in recent years is like a roller coaster. For ordinary consumers, an intuitive feeling of air purifiers is the dust concentration indicated on the product. The dust concentration is the dust built into the air purifier. The dust sensor is detected by the sensor. Therefore, the dust sensor has gradually attracted the attention of the industry. The mode of the purifier after it is turned on is determined by the dust concentration in the air sensed by the dust sensor. It is the most direct connection between the air purifier product and the user. Driven by market demand, dust sensor technology is developing rapidly. At the same time, the dust sensor market is also diverse. Infrared dust sensors, laser dust sensors, how to choose dust sensors to help air purifier products improve user experience?
Before the laser dust sensor entered the civilian field, a large number of traditional infrared dust sensors were used in air purifiers. However, with the development of the air purifier industry, end customers have higher and higher requirements for accurate air quality measurement, and laser-type dust sensors are slowly being adopted by air purifier manufacturers. However, market competition is fierce, the overall price of air purifiers is falling, and cost control has become the primary issue currently considered by various air purifier manufacturers.
Mixsen recommends MIX6070 and MIX6071 laser dust sensor
measure the dust particle (Size: 0.3μm~10μm) in the environment and output the dust density real-time value (μg/m³) of PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10. The body of the sensor is designed with ultra- thin (12mm) structure for easy and diverse installation, full metal cover for electrical shielding and built-in advanced algorithm based on optical scattering technology with light source of Laser for accurate and steady output.
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