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Ozone sensor is used for O3 concentration detection in indoor ozone purifier

2021-09-11 16:09

According to relevant industry data, indoor air pollution levels may be 2 to 5 times that of outdoors, so indoor air pollution is an environmental issue that should be paid attention to. In order to improve indoor air quality, ozone air purifiers have become the first choice in many public places.

The chemical nature of ozone is extremely active, and its energy instantly produces strong oxidation when it is decomposed, which can be used for sterilization, disinfection and detoxification. It has a strong ability to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, and can effectively remove a variety of peculiar smells and toxic gases.

Ozone can quickly remove various harmful gases such as formaldehyde released by decoration materials and their peculiar smell, and at the same time kill bacteria in the air, and fine dust suspended in the air that is positively charged. Negative ions can eliminate static electricity, attract fine dust collected and suspended on the ground, purify the air, promote the balance of positive and negative ions, and play a role in quickly purifying indoor air.

From this it seems that ozone is still very advantageous in air purification, thanks to the ozone sensor in the ozone purifier. When the air quality is not good, the purifier is turned on to release ozone for sterilization and disinfection to purify the air.

In the middle, the ozone sensor needs to be used to control the ozone concentration. Only the ozone concentration within a reasonable range can purify the air. Too little does not purify, and too much may threaten life.

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