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The air quality sensor is used for toilet odor detection and control to open the exhaust fan for ventilation

2021-09-13 15:04
With the continuous advancement of people's development, air pollution (smog) caused by various factors has become more and more serious, and some local governments have to make the control of PM2.5 a core task. However, in the context of national prevention and control of haze, the air purifier market has been thriving.
The main working principle of an air purifier is to suck indoor air into the purifier and remove the dust and odor from the air, and then discharge clean air. Indoor air quality is very important to people. Using sensors to detect air quality is a popular method today.
Its main function is to purify second-hand smoke, pollen, formaldehyde, and PM2.5, dust and particulate matter that are of great concern to everyone. Therefore, in order to ensure people's quality of life, we need to conduct air quality testing on our living environment to make our lives reach a healthier standard.
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, in the process of air purifier development and innovation, in addition to the basic particle dust purification function, many manufacturers have also developed a variety of air purifier products for different user needs. Among them, sensors play an important role, such as: air quality (formaldehyde, VOC) sensors and PM2.5 sensors have basically become the standard configuration of air purifiers, and automatically run the machine and control the speed of the motor by intelligently detecting the air quality of the home. ;
At present, there are many smart ventilating fan products in the market. For example, the ventilating fan used in the bathroom will add an odor sensor to intelligently detect and control the operation of the fan. Everyone knows that the air in the bathroom often has peculiar smell and germs, which is not conducive to the health of toilet users. There are ventilating windows in the toilet and even an exhaust fan with active ventilation, but the polluted gas will continue to be harmful to human health when exhausted to the outside. In order to solve the above-mentioned problems, Mixsen provides a toilet air quality detection and automatic purification device MIX2011 Air quality/VOC Detection Gas Sensor
The sensor has high sensitivity to low-concentration odorous gases, so that it can also detect ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other gases produced by waste in the office and home environment.
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