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Application of gas sensor in intelligent granary gas monitoring equipment

2021-09-18 18:19

The National Grain Reserve is a special grain reserve warehouse for the state to deal with the grain tension caused by emergencies and adjust and stabilize grain prices in peacetime. National grain reserves are divided into central grain reserves (medium grain reserves) and local grain reserves (local grain reserves) according to their nature. According to different purposes, it is divided into collection warehouse, transfer warehouse and reserve warehouse.

The most important thing in grain storage is pest control. Aluminum phosphide is a very effective stored grain insecticide popularized and applied by China's grain departments in the past. It is widely used to kill insects in stored grain in granaries. When it meets water or moisture absorption, it can deliquesce and release highly toxic phosphine gas. The grain depot chemists will be exposed to phosphine gas when sampling and testing and the storekeeper enters the warehouse to measure temperature, humidity and check grain and insect conditions, and some will cause phosphine poisoning due to lack of safety and health knowledge. In order to explore the phosphine concentration in the granary during fumigation and the time when it falls below the national health standard after fumigation, it is necessary to monitor the change of phosphine gas concentration and O2, CO2 and other gas environmental concentrations in the granary after fumigation.

Mixsen's gas detection scheme for PH3 detection generated by granary fumigation can be widely used in the gas monitoring equipment of smart granary, and can accurately provide the residual PH3 gas concentration in the room after granary fumigation.

It mainly uses phosphine gas sensor MIX8423, main characteristics: measurement range: 0-10ppm; High sensitivity; Response time: < 45s

carbon dioxide sensor / CO2 sensor is a CO2 sensor with ultra-low power consumption (3.5MW) and high performance

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