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Equipped with CO2 sensor in mall, no worry about mall hangov

2020-01-03 13:31

In recent years, many people have “mall hangover” after shopping from the mall, which refers to headaches, fatigue and occasional nausea after shopping back from the mall, just like being drunk. The word hangover originally referred to the uncomfortable reaction after being drunk, and mall hangover also came from this.

In holidays, many people like to go shopping instead of staying at home. Large shopping malls have everything from shopping andentertainment to gourmet leisure, staying all day long. However, compared with outdoor places, large shopping malls are always in closed or semi-closed spaces for a long time, especially in long-term uninterrupted air-conditioning environments. Indoor air quality has become a concern.


It is understood that the standard of oxygen concentration required by the human body is 21%. Poor ventilation in shopping malls and poor air filtration of air conditioning systems have formed a closed air circulation system.

Especially after the weather becomes cold, the air quality in the mall is worse, the concentration of suspended particles and carbon dioxide in the air exceeds the standard, the room temperature is high, bacteria are easily breeding in the central air conditioning and ventilation ducts, and the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor May cause discomfort to the human body, and severely may cause diseases, especially cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Because suddenly entering the environment with a large temperature difference, the blood vessels will suddenly contract and cause convulsions, and even more severe cases may lead to sudden death.

There is a large number of people in the mall, and the carbon dioxide concentration can easily exceed the standard value. When the concentration of carbon dioxide in the indoor air is below 700ppm, it is clean air and people will feel comfortable; when the concentration is between 700ppm and 1000ppm, it is ordinary air, but some more sensitive people will feel unwell, concentrations exceed 1000 ppm, but in the range of 1500 ppm, many people feel uncomfortable.

For special indoor public places such as large shopping malls, we recommend that it is necessary to install an air quality monitoring system based on CO2 carbon dioxide sensors to ensure that the air quality in the mall is within the standard range and provide customers with a good shopping environment.