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Application of carbon dioxide sensor in greenhouse

2021-09-26 10:25
Carbon dioxide is very common to us. Many people disagree. However, if the concentration of carbon dioxide is too high, it will cause harm our interests. How to effectively monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide requires a carbon dioxide sensor. There are many places where carbon dioxide sensors are used, and why they should be used. Today, I will explain to you the application of carbon dioxide sensors in greenhouses.
How to monitor and control the concentration of carbon dioxide?
Carbon dioxide is an indispensable gas fertilizer for plant growth. A suitable carbon dioxide environment is helpful for plant growth. Therefore, in the process of planting food, vegetables, fruits, trees and other plants, we appropriately adjust the carbon dioxide concentration in the planting area to reduce Contribute to the growth of crops and increase the yield of crops. However, because fruits and vegetables grown in greenhouses are kept in relatively closed places for a long time, the carbon dioxide concentration in the greenhouses changes greatly in a day, which makes the carbon dioxide content in the greenhouses very unstable and becomes an important factor affecting the yield of fruits and vegetables in the greenhouses. Therefore, the installation of carbon dioxide sensors to control the concentration has become an important means of affecting crop yields.
Mixsen carbon dioxide sensor
MIX6013/MIX6013A  carbon dioxide gas sensor uses NDIR detection principle. It has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption and high precision.
CO2 sensors have multiple output interfaces such as UART and PWM, which can be individually calibrated. It is very convenient to connect the product with the user. It can be widely used in HVAC ventilation control, indoor air quality testing, agricultural greenhouses, and other places that require CO2 monitoring.
Features of carbon dioxide sensor

1. The new infrared verification technology for CO2 concentration measurement has the advantages of high accuracy, small drift and long service life
2. Wide measurement range, 400 ~ 5000ppm by default (400 ~ 10000ppm optional), with temperature compensation, less affected by temperature.
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