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Detection of air quality in the vehicle by air quality sensor

2021-09-26 10:18
Interior air quality problems are mainly caused by harmful substances released from automotive interior materials. The space in the car is narrow and airtight, and the air pollution in the car has a great impact on the health of drivers and passengers.
Mixsen provides solutions
Mixsen electronics is a professional one-stop provider of sensors and solutions, integrating R & D, production, sales and service, focusing on the development and application of sensor technology and solutions, formaldehyde, CO2, VOC, PM2.5 detection in the field of environmental protection, fresh air in buildings, purifiers, automotive electronics, instruments and meters, intelligent agriculture and other fields.
Mixsen launched MIX2011 semiconductor air quality sensor. When there is detected gas in the ambient air, the conductivity of the air quality sensor changes. The higher the concentration of the gas, the higher the conductivity of the air quality sensor. This change in conductivity can be converted into an output signal corresponding to the gas concentration by using a simple circuit.
With the gradual maturity of the domestic automobile consumption market, consumers' requirements for automobile quality will continue to be higher and higher in the future. In order to urge domestic automobile enterprises to pay more attention to the problem of interior air quality and better protect consumers' rights and interests, the mandatory national standard of interior air quality should not be absent.
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