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Ozone sensor helps prevent and control the COVID-19

2021-08-25 18:18 At present, some companies have developed a new type of ozone disinfection chamber, that is, people shake their clothes for half a minute after entering the ozone disinfection chamber, and at the same time release a relative concentration of ozone in the confined space, which can kill germs and viruses attached to human clothes. It can be understood that ozone has a certain boosting effect on the current epidemic.

Ozone has strong oxidizing properties, which can oxidize and denature the protein shells of bacteria, fungi and other bacteria, thereby killing bacterial propagation and spores, viruses, fungi, etc.

However, ozone is highly irritating. Ozone is irritating to the mucous membranes of the human respiratory tract. When the concentration of ozone in the air reaches 0.15ppm, it can be smelled.
According to international standards, it can cause discomfort such as dry mouth when it reaches 0.5-1ppm; it can cause cough when it reaches 1-4ppm; it can cause a strong cough when it reaches 4-10ppm. People cannot be directly exposed to high concentrations of ozone for too long (the safe concentration of ozone specified by the Ministry of Health is 0.1ppm (in the air)).

When using ozone for disinfection and sterilization operations, in order to avoid harm to people in the process, it is necessary to strictly detect the concentration of ozone in a closed environment to prevent excessive ozone concentration or ozone leakage. In order to avoid the hazard of ozone, disinfection of air must be carried out in a confined space and under unmanned conditions, and at least 30 minutes after disinfection can be entered.
In order to prevent excessive ozone concentration from endangering human health, ozone concentration detection is required. Mixsen recommends a high-resolution ozone sensor (O3 sensor) MIX8412 with a range of 0~10ppm, which is very suitable for ambient air quality monitoring systems and instruments.

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