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The application of gas sensor detection equipment in the work of confined space

2021-09-02 17:39 Gas detection should choose the corresponding gas alarm and gas detector according to different site environment,. In closed places, such as waterways, agricultural closed granaries, railway tanks, tunnels and other work places, before people enter, it is necessary to detect, and to carry out detection outside the confined space. At this point, it is necessary to choose an alarm with built-in multi-gas detection function, and the core component of the alarm is gas sensor that can detection of gas composition and concentration .

For example, in mines, the gas composition in mines represents a variety of dangerous situations, including toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, etc., as well as oxygen deficiency. In some cases, methane may also reach concentrations that produce an explosion. Therefore, at present, in many underground gas detection equipment, different types of gas sensors will be installed, such as oxygen sensor, carbon dioxide sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, etc. By changing different gas detection probes, complex gas composition and concentration can be detected.
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