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The role of ozone sensor in the treatment of summer air "ozone pollution"

2021-09-18 13:55
Ozone is a light blue gas with a fishy smell and strong oxidizing properties. In high-altitude areas, ozone has the function of absorbing ultraviolet rays to protect organisms, but when it is close to the ground, it will cause harm to human health. Every summer is the season of high incidence of ozone pollution.
Ozone pollution has special conditions for its formation. Under the conditions of high temperature, sufficient sunshine and dry air, VOCs and NOx in the air meet to produce a photochemical reaction and produce ozone pollution. Therefore, excessive ozone usually occurs in summer and autumn when the sun is strong and the temperature is high.
Nitrogen oxides have a wide range of sources, basically man-made emissions, mainly from motor vehicle exhaust, fossil fuel combustion and industrial production processes. VOCs have a wide range of sources, including emissions from petrochemical, chemical, furniture, and printing industries and industrial enterprises, as well as volatilization of oil and gas from motor vehicles and gas stations, as well as volatilization of organic substances such as car refinish paint, oil fume, and dry cleaners.
In order to improve ambient air quality and curb ozone pollution in summer, many cities in my country have adopted corresponding ozone monitoring technologies for ozone pollutants in the prevention and control of air pollution, and strengthened the monitoring of ozone pollution.
The ozone sensor can effectively detect the concentration of ozone in the atmosphere, and the detected ozone concentration data is reflected in the ozone monitoring equipment through its working principle. It can be said that the ozone sensor provides great help for the prevention and control of ozone pollution.
Mixsen recommends the MIX2801-O3 detection module to quickly integrate the ozone sensor system into your system, and use very low power consumption and a simple analog sensor signal output.
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